My Top Five Favorite Television Shows

Welcome to another writer rambling. Today I will introduce you to my top five television shows of all time. They range from the totally geeky and nerdy all the way to the more mature. So, let’s dive on in, yes?


  1. Zoids: New Century Zero

I can assure you, most of the people who read this have no idea what this show is. Others who read it, and know what it is, may wonder why I chose this as #1. Well, allow me to explain on both fronts. Zoids: New Century Zero is an anime that takes place on the planet “Z.” Here, people control giant mechanized animals called zoids, which are built to compete in weaponized combat. The battles are held like sporting events where the public watch them and pilots are even put through trials to determine their ranking among one another.Related image

What makes this show amazing is that the main character pilots a zoid that has a mind of its own. It can think on its own merit and has instincts that allow it to move faster than other pilots can react. The main character, Bit Cloud, and his Zoid, Liger Zero (as pictured), develop an amazing bond all while decking out the Liger with pretty cool weapons.

Why is this show number one? Well, this is a show I was so hooked on as a kid that I always end up coming back to it. It is like an itch I have to scratch. After so long, I binge watch the single season until I am sated. There are other “Zoids” shows but this one is by far the best. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys anime or other mech shows like “Gundam.”


  1. Psych


Image result for psychThis one is easy. If you have never watched an episode of Psych, I implore you to do so. This show is absolutely amazing. James Roday plays psychic detective Shawn Spencer in eight seasons of a masterful combination of mystery, romance, and hilarity. The bro-love between Shawn Spencer and his partner Burton Guster, played by Jamaican actor Dule’ Hill, is indescribable and can only be appreciated firsthand.

What’s the catch? Well, Shawn Spencer isn’t a psychic. Nope. Not in the slightest. However, his father, Henry Spencer – played by a very talented Corben Bernson – is a retired detective who trained his son to become hyper-aware of everything he sees around him. Shawn uses this gift of hyper observation to get his hands into multiple cases with the Santa Barbara police department where he interacts with the lovely Juliet O’Hara (played by Maggie Lawson) and her stern partner Carlton Lassiter (played by the incredible Timothy Odmundson.)

Please, do yourself a favor and watch this show. The show is perfect in all ways. It has samples of comedy, romance, mystery, and thriller. And, it has a musical and its own movie. I would be very surprised that anyone isn’t hooked by the end of the first season. Oh, and if you do watch, be sure to find the pineapple. There is one in every episode.


  1. Ancient Aliens


Image result for ancient aliensOkay, I know what you’re thinking…“Caleb is a nut job conspiracy theorist!” While that’s not entirely untrue, I can’t say that I do or don’t believe in aliens. Many may not know that I had a rather conservative and religious upbringing. Those instilled beliefs don’t allow me to think there is another intelligent civilization living somewhere else in the universe. I certainly don’t believe much in the ancient alien theory that purports aliens came and helped man in ancient times. The theory is offered up as an explanation for why scientists don’t understand the method of construction of things like the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, and the Nazca lines. The theory offers that it’s possible that the “gods” mentioned in ancient Egypt and even into biblical figures like Moses, could have been aliens who came to Earth to help man.

Seems farfetched. So why do I watch it? It is entertaining as hell. Listening to what they talk about and how they use the theory to explain things is awesome. The show also takes you to all kinds of places that you never knew existed. One of the most fascinating things I have learned about is the Sealed Door at The Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala, India. Apparently, this door was one of six in the temple that contained billions of dollars in treasure. However, this one can’t be opened by natural means. It actually had three doors – an iron gated door (opened) and then a wooden door (opened) but then they came to a great stone wall which is also believed to be a door) with giant serpent carvings. It has no latches or knobs to open it. Many inexplicable tragedies have befallen those who tried to open it…


In short…that’s why I watch it; to allow my imagination to soar.


  1. Friends


If you don’t know what Friends is, then you have been living under a rock for over twenty years. The very famous hit show is about six friends and their lives together in New York. They go through many conflicts and loves throughout the eight seasons. The show allowed for some big-name actors to make their start, like Courtney Cox, Jennifer Anniston, and Matt LeBlanc who starred in a spin-off which unfortunately didn’t see much airtime.Image result for friends

This show is probably on most people’s “Yeah, we can watch that” list. What I love the most about this show are the titles. It became a thing to just name the shows ‘The One With _____.” In the beginning, I believe they had titles, but the fans would talk about the shows and say, “Oh that’s the one with the breakup,” or something similar. So, that’s how each of them is named and I find that fascinating. I have seen all of the episodes so much that it is my go-to show to put on television when I am ready to go to sleep. (Since I can’t sleep without a TV on.) At least then, I can see those beloved characters who have made me laugh so many times, in my dreams.


  1. Forged in Fire (FiF)


Image result for forged in fireWell, if you didn’t see this one coming then you truly have been living under a rock… “Iron Scribe Productions,” “Iron Scribe Forgeworks” …I am a blacksmith. Of course, I was going to have this as one of my favorite shows. However, I must admit, since I went cordless (#killthecable) I haven’t been able to watch it often. Although it was getting rather repetitive – to a degree. I enjoyed watching the designs as they were churned out, but I feel as if FiF was a fad that became a huge hit and now is slowly losing interest from general public. I am very thankful for the show because it inspired me to take up blacksmithing. I enjoy seeing and learning about the many historic weapons that were created as a final challenge. My favorite, the Zweihander is an amazing blade which I may or may not have been used in one of my future novels. *cough cough* spoiler


Honorable Mention: Dinotrux.

Image result for dinotruxSo, my honorable mention in my favorite show listing is one that I will probably earn a snicker or two, but I have a good reason for its inclusion. As a parent, I tend to watch quite a few children’s shows that have garnered the fascination of my wee little ones. My son, a three-year-old terror and a half, who daily blows through my house like a hurricane, has a huge interest in dinosaurs. (Thanks to me. I had been molding him to love dinosaurs since his birth.) There are several shows out there for little future paleontologists, however, my son loves himself an episode of Dinotrux.

If you haven’t seen this show, it is a wonderful kids’ show on Netflix. It is produced by DreamWorks animation, which means the animation is Shrek level. Really, it’s good stuff. The dinosaurs that roam “The Crater,” a place where the dinotrux live, are a hybrid of real dinosaurs and construction vehicles. From Ankylodumps (ankylosaur + dump truck) to Dozeratops (triceratops + bulldozer), the creators really stretched their imagination to conjure up the plethora of creatures in this universe. In addition to having a good story line, and great voice actors, (The voice of Rev-it, a Reptool that aids in repairs to the dinotrux, is the same actor who played Bit Cloud in Zoids.) It also teaches things like problem-solving and conflict resolution. It does have a touch of mild violence because Ty, the main T-Trux (he is a t-rex and a wrecking ball hybrid) has to face an evil T-Trux, D-Strucks, on a periodic basis.

The show even has a spin-off, Dinotrux: Supercharged in which the trux find Superchargers in the form of flying sparkplugs that give them a power-up when plugged in. The Superchargers are like little batteries that provide a huge boost of power. The trux even use them to power things like an elevator, a lighthouse, and a Dozeratops habitat. I promise you, anyone who enjoys a good cartoon, would love Dinotrux.


So, there you have it. My favorite TV shows. Leave me some of your favorite ones in the comments so I can expand my own choices and begin to see what others enjoy watching.


5 thoughts on “My Top Five Favorite Television Shows

  1. Caroline Furlong says:

    Zoids: New Century Zero isn’t my favorite series, but it is a good one. Liger Zero was a whole lot of fun. Glad to find a fellow pilot and writer who remembers the show well – along with X-Men: Evolution! 😉


    1. Caroline Furlong says:

      Zoids: Chaotic Century was my favorite show; it had a great plot and interesting characters. Did you ever see the two sequel series, Zoids: Fuzors or Zoids: Genesis? NCZ and Chaotic Century were better, but those shows had some good material, too.


      1. Caleb N. Kelly says:

        I tried to watch them but I was so obsessed with Liger Zero that I couldn’t ever get into them. I like the idea of Fusion, but I never got the chance to ever watch it. I watched a little of ZCC but I can’t remember much about it. I may have to take time to watch them all. It would be a nice nostalgia trip.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Caroline Furlong says:

        I definitely recommend ZCC. Fuzors was pretty good – Liger Zero had matured a bit in that series but he was still spunky. His fusing partner, Fire Phoenix, was very interesting. The only way to watch Genesis is with English subtitles, since it was never translated from the original Japanese.


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