My Three Biggest Fears

Welcome to a post about something everyone has. They come in all shapes and sizes. From the most minute to the gargantuan. The most ridiculous to the most understandable. Everyone in the world fears something. It is honestly one of the many things that can bring groups together. You might recall the recent release of the new iPhone 11 and suddenly those with the fear of holes or what’s known as trypophobia, were getting noticed. No matter what your fears are, be they physical or metaphysical you can probably relate. Here is a look at my fears and a glimpse into who I am.



  1.  Never Being Successful (Being Forgotten)

Dollar, Money, Cash Money, BusinessThis is a fear that my father instilled in me. Not the “being afraid” part but the drive to be successful. My whole life I was raised to “Be a leader. You weren’t born to follow.” Or one of my personal favorites: “Second place is first place loser.” Needless to say, my father was a man who pushed his children to be the very best they could be. My fear of never being successful stems from his influence, 100%. I strive to be the best, to be successful.

I don’t know how many people possess this fear. Some may want to be successful and shrug it off if they never reach their personal opinion of successful. I, for one, find myself needing my goal to become a reality. Somewhere inside of me, there is a lingering spark to continue to press on so that one day when someone sees me at a restaurant and says, “Oh wow, I loved your book. Can I get your autograph?”

Now, of course, there are levels to this. I certainly don’t want celebrity status. I’m not down with stalkers or random people showing up to my house. (I’ll get to that in a minute.) I want to see my name scroll across a television show or a movie and see, “Based on a novel by Caleb Kelly.” The only way to get there is through hard work and dedication to my craft. I will get there one day. Bet on it.


  1.  The Death or Severe Injury of Anyone in my Family

Creepy, Dark, Eerie, Scary, Skull, DeathThis is a fear I’m sure many people possess. This is the fear that makes us call family members when we hear about a wreck down the road. This is the fear that forces us to be wary any time we go outside or in are in a public forum. As a pro-Second Amendment citizen of the United States, it is this recognized fear that prompted me to purchase a firearm so I could protect my family. (Told you I would get to the stalkers.)

Like many others, my family is my entire world. I have always been a family-oriented person. Even the smallest things cause me to worry about my family. I recently found out my uncle had been in a car accident a couple months before this post. I probably drove him crazy asking questions. He was fine. He suffered a small injury. My aunt and second cousin were in the car as well but they were unharmed. However, that didn’t stop me from wanted to be assured and then reassured that they were indeed “fine.” This is probably one of the most understood fears. So, for those who suffer from it as well, you aren’t alone.


  1.  Drowning

Some people have a fear of spiders, snakes, rabid squirrels, or really angry turkeys. (Don’t laugh, I know a guy who won’t step foot near a turkey. “One day, turkey beat my a**. They got my respect.”) I don’t really have those kinds of fears on an irrational level. Caution? Yes. Fear? Not so much. As long as I can see the snake or spider, then we are okay. The moment they are gone, I’m out.


While driving through Du Pont Forest in Cedar Mountain, NC, (If you haven’t been, it’s great. A good day trip for the family) on a family trip I had a mind-opening experience. I was young, late teens, riding in the back of the van with the door open. (They have a wildlife-drive-through where you can see the animals as you slowly move bumper to bumper in a line of cars.) Off in the distance, we see a bear. I don’t know why but my brain didn’t click. I wanted to get closer and see the bear closer. I had almost jumped out of the van by the time my future father-in-law grabbed me by the shoulder. I didn’t have a fear of the bear mauling me – it just didn’t register that the bear was an aggressive carnivore.

So, the other fear I have is drowning, which is weird because I love the water. If anyone could ever “love” an element, I could. I think water is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. When I go swimming, I feel so surreal while submerged. (Yes, I know, it’s weird. I don’t have an explanation.) I think some of the most beautiful pieces of art are water droplet art. So simple yet so stunning at the same time.

Waves, Dawn, Ocean, Sea, Dusk, Seascape

With that being said, I can’t swim. Well, let me rephrase, I can swim enough to save myself. If I have to save you, well, you’re going to drown. I have a fear of being in water that is too deep for me to touch the bottom. Not a fan of small boats because they can tip over, and of course, I’ll drown. Anything smaller than a yacht is a “no go.” (The people where I work make fun of me a lot for this.)



So, there you have it, my three biggest fears. Oh, and clowns. Not a huge fan of those either. That’s what the gun is for. 😉


Be sure to tell me yours in a comment. Or, post it to my Facebook. If you aren’t a fan of my page, you can find me by looking up “Caleb Kelly -Author” or follow the link to my page:




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