“The Sword and its Shadow are the Keys to the Loch…
Seek not the Keys lest the world falls to Vipers”

Roland Lockheart is a promising young associate at a prestigious local law firm. Oliver Lockheart is an archaeologist who hopes to change history by proving King Arthur’s existence.

As children, the Lockheart twins spent hours pretending to be knights of King Arthur’s Round Table. Wielding kitchen spoon-sword and trash can lid-shields, they fought dragons and rescued damsels in distress.

Decades later, disaster strikes and the brothers cling to the memories of their childhood and its past delights. After the discovery of a strange poem hints at the locations of the Holy Sword, Excalibur, the twins set off to the Scottish Highlands with hopes of finding the blade and presenting it to the world. But Excalibur’s shadow holds a secret of its own, one Merlin planned to keep hidden…

Thrust into Camelot by the wizard’s booby-trapped magic, the twins must overcome the demons of their past and conquer the unforeseen obstacles that lie ahead.
Who could’ve known that the legends of their youth were more truth than tale?

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