Short Bio:Caleb author pic
Caleb Kelly, born in a small town in Georgia, sought to become an author ever since he was a young child. After a ten year relocation to South Carolina he returned to Georgia with his family. There he met and married his wife Courtney and together they raise their three children, D’Artagnan, Annora, and Garrison. He received his Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire and is currently pursuing his Master’s.

Long Bio:
Hello all. Welcome to my page. What is there to say about me? What would you like to know? As you may can see, I am a writer. I love anything that breaks away from the real world. That’s the whole reason I write – to break away from the fetters of reality.

Outside of writing, I can easily be found at my local bowling alley where I religiously spend each Tuesday night of the year. Or maybe you can find me behind my anvil at my home forge where I am brutally swinging at whatever piece of molten metal I have chosen as my victim. Where ever you find me, I can guarantee that I am the same person, no matter what.

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